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Commercial Property Document Search & Retrieval
A.S.K. Services' commercial abstractors are among the most experienced and skilled in the title industry.
Their depth of expertise means you can be assured that your commercial property transactions will proceed smoothly based on timely, accurate information.
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:: Commercial Searches Guide
Commercial Current Owner Search
  Current deed information and copy
  Current and delinquent tax information
  Unreleased security instruments
  Open lien and judgment information

Commercial 40 Year Title Search
  Full chain of title
  Current and delinquent tax information
  Open mortgage information
  Open lien and judgment information

Commercial Policy Forward
  Changes in title since effective date of
      prior policy
  Current tax information including tax
      delinquencies since effective date of prior policy
Title policy must accompany order and have
been issued within seven years.

Commercial Grantor/Grantee Search
  Current and delinquent tax information
  All instruments affecting property during
      specified time range

Commercial Update
  Requires previous search performed by
      A.S.K. Services
  Current and delinquent tax information
  Changes in title since effective date of
      prior search

Commercial Document Retrieval
  Locate and retrieve specified instrument(s)
      on given property since effective date of
      prior policy
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